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If you are looking for a great way to see what we do, come visit us at an event! If you can't wait for that, you're in the right place. Below you will see pictures from events as well as the trips we took to get to them. If you are looking for a visual roster of our members, visit our Member's Gallery.

Drill at Historic Fort Wayne, Detroit - April 24, 2016

We were proud to have members of the 15th Michigan, 21st Michigan and Sally Port Mess join us for a company drill at Historic Fort Wayne. As well as getting the rust shook out of our brains for the winter, we also helped bring the Fort to life during a public event.

Photo provided by Scott Cummings

5th Michigan's 10th Anniversary - Trip to see the original flags - March 22, 2014
To mark our 10th anniversary as a group, several of us and a number of friends met in Lansing to get a "behind the scnenes" tour of the flags acutally carried by Michigan men in the Civil War.

5th Men and the flag

The men of the 5th and friends who went to see the flags. Front row: Adam Nini, Mike Golden, Traie Shelhart, Ernest Simmons, Scott Cummings, Zach Schatzer. Back row: Brian Jankowski, Jim Rapai, Jeff Dewey, Brian Dewey, Jeremy Buschlen, Gary Carpenter, and Will Eichler

Photo by Matt VanAcker


We get to examine what remains of the only surviving regimental color of the 5th.

Photo by Will Eichler

Last Flag staff

This flag staff goes with what we believe is the final national color carried by the 5th MI.

Photo by Will Eichler

Matt Reads

Our host Matt VanAcker reads an account of the 5th Michigan receiving one of its sets of colors.

Photo by Will Eichler

Rapai holds staff

Our friend Jim Rapai holds the staff from one of the earlier sets of National Colors. Jim is a descendant of a member of the 3rd and 5th MI. Here, he holds the staff of a flag his ancestor marched under.

Photo by Will Eichler

Traie Reads

Traie reads a letter written by Byron Pierce as a set of colors is retired and sent home.

Photo by Will Eichler

Winter Drill - February, 2014
Despite a bitter cold winter and a huge snow fall the night before, members of the 5th Michigan gathered with friends to sharpen up their military drill skills. Our newly elected captain, Jeremy Buschlen, did an excellent job leading us!

Feb Drill

This photo shows all but two of the hearty souls who braved the elements to share a laugh and improve their drill skills in February.

Photo by Traie Shelhart

A Civil War Christmas - Guided Tours to raise funds for Historic Fort Wayne, Detroit, MI - Dec. 7, 2013
Several members of the 5th joined fellow historians to bring the Civil War to life at one place actually used during the war in Michigan, Historic Fort Wayne. We had a great time living a Civil War life as guided tours came through to see Christmas traditions from the era demonstrated. After the tours ended, we had a dinner cooked for us and several spent the night of camaraderie in the old barracks.

Guard Mount

Even at Christmas, the work of the army continues. Here, under the watchful eye of Sergeant Jeremy Buschlen, three men prepare to go on guard. The three guards are (l to r) Ron Clary (4th MI), Austin Motte (SPM), and Chris Wooley (5th MI).

Photo by Geronimo Patton

Simmons & Golden Guard

The first interpreters every tour met on their journey was soldiers guarding the Fort's Sally Port. Here 5th MI member Ernest Simmons and Mike Golden stand their turn as guards.

Photo by Geronimo Patton

Making Coffee

If men want to eat, meals must be prepared. Here 5th MI member Will Eichler and Jim Rapai (Mudsills) work as army cooks to prepare rations and an officer's mess.

Photo by Geronimo Patton

Cook fire interp

With a tour group stopping by, Will Eichler steps out of the 1860s to talk with our guests and tell them about his work as a cook and a little about Christmas during the Civil War. Tour guide Tim Wakeling stands next to him. In front of them, dinner and coffee simmers.

Photo by Geronimo Patton

Coffee pour

Another tour group is in the mess hall decorated for the officer's Christmas meal. While more holiday stories are told, Will Eichler delivers coffee for the officers and principal musician (in the stripes). Our principal musician is portrayed by Robby Cook and the officer at the right is Scott Cummings, both of the 5th.

Photo by Geronimo Patton

Cummings & Cook

Captain Cummings discusses a pamphlet with Principal Musician Cook.

Photo by Geronimo Patton

Flag retire

As sun's late light warms the view, the men of the garrison step away from their Christmas celebrations to lower the National Colors for the night. Present are Ron Clary, Jeremy Buschlen, Robert Huck and Ernest Simmons.

Photo by Geronimo Patton

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - GAC event - July 4-7, 2013 -
This is the second of the two 150th Gettysburg events. The 5th helped out by providing the division medical officer, a brigade commander, regimental commander, company commander and brigade principal musician. Our cook fed 22 men to make a very hot weekend move much smoother.


A view of the brigade formed at GAC. Closest is the 1st Regiment, commanded by Scott Cummings of the 5th and containing the 5th Michigan.

Photo by Robert May


Portraying Colonel Henry Morrow of the 24th Michigan at GAC is our own Scott Cummings.

Photo by Robert May


In the ranks from left to right is 5th Michigan close friend Mack Kerridge, Mike Golden, Dalton Litwiller, Ernest Simmons and Captain Marty Walker.

Photo by Robert May


Jeremy Buschlen (hands crossed) did an excellent job leading the 5th's company. We were joined by men from the AoP in California and men from Vermont. A great family for the weekend!

Photo by Robert May


While the men slept and lived in a campaign camp, our cook Robert May had his full set up put together to both cook for 22 men AND spend a lot of time talking with the public teaching them what specifically they were seeing. Thanks for the great food, Robert!

Photo by Robert May


Meal time was a chance to relax and have fellowship as history lovers. Many laughs were heard during the meals.

Photo by Robert May

brigade staff

The 5th Michigan and Sally Port Mess provided the brigade staff for the weekend. A very lean staff of four made sure all ran smooth for the men in the ranks. Left to right are: Will Eichler, Jeremy Bevard, Robby Cook and Brian Jankowski.

Photo by Robert May

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - BGA Event - June 28-30, 2013 -
At the first of the two 150th Gettysburg events, member of the 5th Michigan joined the 1st Progressive regiment in telling the stories of the 24th Michigan and the 1st Maryland, PHB. Lots was done to make the setting as perfect as conditions would allow.

packed truck

Even as campaigners, we have a lot of stuff - especially if you are transporting ammunition chests for the regiment. Here is the back of Will's truck that carried four men from Michigan to the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg.

Photo by Will Eichler


Before going to the event, most of us got a chance to stop by and honor the men of the 24th Michigan another way. We visited their monument on the National Battlefield. Pictured left to right are Robby Cook, Will Eichler, and Ryan Betzler.

Photo by Jeremy Bevard

BGA officers

As one of the organizers, Will Eichler (2nd from right) was also joined in leadership by 5th MI members Bugler Robby Cook (left) and Captain Scott Cummings (2nd from left) who commanded Company A. Also pictured from left to right: Sam Lowe (Western Rifles), Jeremy Bevard (Sally Port), Andy Roscoe (Western Rifles) and Rod Miller (ONV).

Phoot by Michael Whitehead

Regiment on March

The regiment right after the impression switch to 1st MD PHB was made. Several free black citizens of Gettysburg followed us to stay away from the Confederate forces.

Photo by Elise Masciale


Led by 5th Michigan member Will Eichler (foreground) who portrayed Colonel Henry Morrow of the 24th, the 24th Michigan advances into the fight. To Will's right is bugler Robby Cook of the 5th Michigan.

Photo by Dave Tripp


Provided for the impression by our friends in the 24th Michigan here in Michigan, here is an amazing shot of the colors leading in the fight.

Photo by Dave Tripp


After the fight across Willoughby Run and through the town of Gettysburg, the 24th Michigan ended up on Culp's Hill. Here, the men have arrived there and built crude earthworks, just like the men did 150 years ago. Visible from the 5th are Justin McClaren, John Legg and Ernest Simmons.

Photo courtesy of Mess No. 1

Left end

While at the works, Company A often ran from their traditional position on the right of the line down here to the left of the line. Here you see the men in the uniform of the 1st Maryland PHB.

Photo Bob Martin

BBC Bugle

This is a frame grabbed from a 3 minute segment that aired on the BBC about re-enacting throug the eyes of our good fried Rae Egglestone. Our bugler Robby Cook was seen and heard calling the companies to the regimental line. Standing in their place is the color company.

Photo courtesy BBC footage.


Decision making never ends at an event. Here Will Eichler and Holmes Brigade Captain Aaron Racine work out details while buglers Robby Cook (5th MI) and Dan Hess stand to the right. In the rear, mounted, can be seen brigade commander Rob Murray.

Photo by Karen Zenti

Eichler Morrow

Will Eichler of the 5th MI portrays Colonel Henry Morrow.

Photo by Doc Krausz

24th Retreats

Here we see a shot from late in the July 1 fight. The 24th Michigan, after multiple stands, retreats toward Gettsyburg. There are very few officers left and the ranks are shot down. Colonel Morrow carries the flag himself. He'll soon be wounded in the head and be left in the town of Gettsyburg. This a great shot of specific history being portrayed by the regiment we were in.

Photo courtesy the Army/Navy Journal

Antietam, Maryland - September 15-17, 2012 - 150th Anniversary Living History

Company I

Together with our pards in the Sally Port Mess, Tanglefoot Mess and the 19th IN, Co. K we again had the honor to portray the 6th WI, Co. I on the Antietam Battlefield. This time it was for the 150th anniversary of the battle weekend. In ths picture from the 5th are Robert May, Scott Cummings, Mike Golden, Ernest Simmons, Jeremy Buschlen and Will Eichler.

Photo provided by Will Eichler


A look at our camp at Antietam. Like the 6th must have the night before the battle, we just threw our stuff down and slept on the ground.

Photo by Will Eichler


Cook Robert May (r) has a discussion with our pard Jim Rapai (l). Robert's cooking made it possible for the rest of us to focus on performing a very busy weekend of interpretation. Robert was interviewed in camp and appeared on CSPAN for their coverage of the anniversary. Well done, Robert!

Photo by Will Eichler


When we do Living Histories on the National Battlefield, we try to re-walk the ground and lean a little more about the fight. Here, our pard Jeremy Bevard reads an account of the beginning of the fight. We are standing at the point where the 6th WI crossed the North Woods.

Photo by Will Eichler

Mike and Jeremy

Mike Golden and Jeremy Buschlen listen to a reading.

Photo by Will Eichler

Captain Cummings

Company I was ably led by Scott Cummings.

Photo by Will Eichler


Will Eichler served as Company I's lieutenant and had the honor of leading all 6th WI troops on the march on the morning of September 17.

Photo by Rae Egglestone


The Dunker Church is the hero in this shot from Sept. 17, 2013. We had just followed the path of the 6th WI and met over 3000 public waiting on the far side of the Cornfield. They were there hear the park rangers talk and meet the 4th TX of Hood's Brigade. We were the surprise as they met men from both sides of this fight.

To describe the bonds of this hobby, standing to the left of Will Eichler are Jeremy Bevard and Andy Roscoe - the godfathers of both of Will's daughters.

Photo by Rae Egglestone.

Dexter, MI Living History - June, 2012

Army Sutlers

Working with our pard, Jeremy Bevard (Sally Port Mess) Will Eichler portrayed an Army Sutler for this living history. The sutler was the fore runner of the modern PX and supplied soldiers (at additional cost to them) with necessary and luxury items not provided by the army.

Photo courtesy Will Eichler.


Chris Buzzard spent the weekend relaxing as only a soldier not at work could do.

Photo by Will Eichler


Kyle Neveau enjoyed the time with just a little drill and a LOT of laying about - a soldier's favorite past time!

Photo by Will Eichler

Shiloh 2012 - 150th Anniversary - Portraying Company K, 15th Iowa

Company K

The men of Company K, 15th Iowa, including 8 members from the 5th Michigan. We were proud to march with such great pards.

Photo Provided.

into battle

When you have 390 men in one regiment, you get a lot of attention. Here, the 15th Iowa marches to it's spot on the extreme right of the Federal Army on Sunday.

Photo by Rae Egglestone.

left of company K

A close up taken by our friend Rae of the left of Company K on Sunday. Members of the 5th Michigan are Ernest Simmons (left), Robby Cook (2nd from left with "K), Zach Schatzer (corporal on right end) and Will Eichler (sergeant on right end.)

Photo by Rae Egglestone.

150th Anniversary of Bull Run - Manassas, Virginia

Bull Run Company

Here is the company which the 5th Michigan provided half the men for. On the right is Will Eichler, who portrayed the regiements Colonel. Through the recommendation of the 5th, this regiment was awarded the distinction to portray the 1st Minnesota, a very storied regiment of the battle. The men of the 5th worked together ahead of time and made red wool shirts like the original 1st wore at this event.

Photo by Tom Steele

Antietam Living History - October 23-24, 2010

Company I, 6th WI - Antietam 2010 living hisotory

The men who portrayed Company I, 6th Wisconsin at the Antietam Living History. Included are members of the 5th MI, Sally Port Mess, Tanglefoot Mess and the Gopher Stew Mess.

Photo by Tom Emerick.

Company I relaxed in camp

The men of Company I relax in camp together.

Photo provided.

Antietam Camp Life

Privates Robby Cook and Chris Buzzard have a chat in camp while Zach Schatzer opens a can bought from the sutler.

Photo by Will Eichler



Company I officers

The officers for the weekend - Captain Jeremy Bevard (Sally Port Mess) and Scott Cummings (5th MI).

Photo by Will Eichler

Officers relax

Captain Bevard and Lieutenant Cummings relax in camp.

Photo by Will Eichler

5th MI @ Antietam

Members of the 5th MI at the Dunker Church. Left to Right: Keith Rigoni (Gopher Stew Mess), Mack Kerridge, Chris Buzzard, Robby Cook, Zach Schatzer, Eric Berger, Scott Cummings, Ernest Simmons, Mike Golden, Derek Hall, Jeremy Buschlen and Will Eichler.

Photo by Mike Boyd.

Lock Work

While Jeremy Bevard watches, Scott Cummings helps Eric Berger with his musket lock.

Photo by Will Eichler

Peach can

Zach Schatzer opens a can of goodies purchased from the sutler.

Photo by Will Eichler

September 25-26, 2010 - River of Time

5th at ROT

Members of the 5th MI at River of Time, 2010. Missing is Jack Long.

Photo provided.

Scott and Jeremy

Scott Cummings and Jeremy Buschlen during a drill.

Photo by Will Eichler

July 10-11, 2010 - Civil War Days 2010 at Historic Fort Wayne

Buschlen at inspection - CWD 2010

Jeremy Buschlen stands at inspection on Sunday.

Photo by Mike Gillett

Mark and Will at CWD10 battle

With bugler Mark Heath ready to communicate to the battalion, Will Eichler watches for Confederate movement during the battle.

Photo by Dee Pabst

CWD 2010 skirmish line

Under the guidance of Sergeant Buschlen, the skirmish line deploys. In the line are 5th MI members Ernest Simmons (2nd from right) and Robert Cook (4th from right).

Photo by Dee Pabst

Mark reads newspaper

Mark Heath reads the "Michigan Argus," a newspaper put together by our pard Jeremy Bevard from the Sally Port Mess.

Photo by Mike Gillett


5th MI members and stand for inspection on Sunday at Historic Fort Wayne. Inspection could be a weekly occurance in a garrison like Fort Wayne. Left to Right: Mack Kerridge, Frank Perkin (Independent), Robert Cook, and Chris Buzzard.

Photo by Mike Gillett

January 23, 2010 - Company Drill @ Historic Fort Wayne, Detroit, MI

Jan Drill Company

Men of 7 different outfits join 9 members of the 5th MI for a company drill held at Historic Fort Wayne on January 23, 2010.

Photo Courtesy of Ken Giorlando


First platoon of the drill company waits for further orders.

Photo by Mike Gillett

Drill leaderes pointing

The work is not without it's mirth. Here, company commander J.R. Schroeder and Orderly Sergeant Jeremy Buschlen mock instructor Scott Cummings in a gesture.

Photo by Mike Gillett

Scott and Mark lead drill

In front of a newly restored Spanish American Guardhouse porch, bugler Mark Heath sounds a call for the men to react to.

Photo by Mike Gillett

Drill Image

The company stands at attention while the bugler gives instruction.

Photo by Mike Gillett

August 2009 - Jackson, MI - The event's 25th Anniversary

5th's Company at Jackson 2009

The 5th Michigan worked with the 15th Michigan to form a company for the 25th annviersary of the Jackson, MI re-enactment.

Photo provided by Jeremy Buschlen

Buschlen at Jackson 2009

Jeremy Buschlen, our 2009 chairman, poses for a period photo.

Photo provided by Jeremy Buschlen

Shaver at Jackson

Well, a stump like that is hard to pass up! Here, Beau Shaver poses for period photo. Great look, Beau!

Photo provided by Jeremy Buschlen

July 10-12, 2009 - Civil War Days @ Historic Fort Wayne

Making Musket Racks

Not only do we present history, but we also help build the items we need to tell those stories. Mark Heath (l) and Dan Conklin (r) arrived early at Fort Wayne. Thanks to them, the men had four new musket racks ready for the event.

Photo by Will Eichler

Assembling Musket Racks

Another view of the musket rack construction. You can see three racks taking shape behind Mark and Dan.

Photo by Will Eichler

5th @ CWD09

Members of the 5th help bring Historic Fort Wayne to life at Civil War Days. Front Row (l to r) Mark Heath, Bugler; John Legg, drummer; Jeremy Buschlen, 1st Sergeant;
Back Row (l to r) Ernest Simmons, private; Dan Conklin, private, Edmund Lockhart, private; Will Eichler, lieutenant colonel; Scott Cummings, private; Mack Kerridge, private; Chris Buzzard, private

Photo by Mike Gillett

June 28, 2009 - Edmund Lockhart's Graduation/Going away party

Edmund's going away party - June 2009

Friends celebrating a good accomplishment. Edmund Lockhart (front row, right) is surrounded by his re-enacting buddies. This is his graduation/going away party. Edmund will leave in late July for Marine Corps basic training. with him are members of the 5th MI and other units. Front row (l to r) - Scot Spiekerman (114th PA), Edmund Lockhart. Back row (l to r) - Will Eichler, Zach Schatzer, Guy Purdue (Sally Port Mess), Scott Cummings, Chris Buzzard, and Tom Steele (Sally Port Mess). Good luck, Road Apple!

Photo by Wendy Eichler

May, 2009 - Civil War Rememberance at Greenfield Village

Staff @ GFV

Will Eichler (center) poses for Marty Bertera's lens with friends from the Sally Port Mess Jeremy Bevard (L) and Tom Steele (R). The three were part of the Regimental Staff at Greenfield Village.

Photo by Marty Bertera

April, 2009 - Combined Arms Drill 2009 - Historic Fort Wayne

Scott commanding Battalion Drill

Scott Cummings served as the commander of the Combined Arms Drill in 2009. The CAD is a drill weekend for all Union soldiers across the state. It is held at Historic Fort Wayne. In 2009, we had men from the infantry and cavalry attend.

Photo by Mike Gillett

Battalion marches

Shot of the infantry battalion drilling at the Combined Arms drill. All windows you see boarded up in the barracks have been removed for restoration by the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition

Photo by Mike Gillett

Meal Break

Mealtime - where the rank is re-enactor, and the camaraderie flows between brothers! Four 5th MI members are joined by Andy Roscoe of the 24th MI (very left) and J.R. Schroeder of the 21st MI (lounging in the front).

Photo by Mike Gillett

Lalone, Buschlen, Heath

Comrades in History. 5th MI chairman Jeremy Buschlen is flanked by friends James LaLone and Brandon Heath of the Sally Port Mess.

Photo by Mike Gillett

Mike Gillett & Edmund

Chaplain Mike Gillett (21st MI) pauses for a photo with Edmund Lockhart.

Photo Courtesy Mike Gillett

Scott instructs

While we have a lot of fun, a major focus of the weekend is to improve our drill as a state to make us safer and better portray the boys of the Civil War. Here Scott Cummings describes a maneuver to the battlion.

Photo by Mike Gillett

Battalion and NCO house

During a break, the men have an image taken with one of the many houses that line NCO row.

Photo by Mike Gillett

Edmund resting

With Sergent Major Sam Lowe at his side, Edmund Lockhart takes a break from drill. Sergeant Jeremy Buschlen takes a break in the rear.

Photo by Mike Gillett

February, 2009 - Company Drill at Historic Fort Wayne

Feb 2009 drill at HFW

Rear Rank of the Feb. drill includes Jeremy Buschlen, Will Eichler and our pard Tom Steele from the Sally Port mess. Pard JR Schroeder from the 21st MI is in the foreground.

Photo by Sam Castillo

Mark and Brandon Heath

It's great when you find long lost family members. Sally Port Mess member Brandon Heath (L) and 5th MI member Mark Heath (R) discovered they draw ancestry from the same Civil War vet.

Photo by Will Eichler

2-09 drill

In with our pards from the 21st MI, 24th MI and Sally Port Mess are Jeremy Buscheln (rear left), Will Eichler (rear 2nd from left), Eric Berger (rear next to fellow in red scarf) and Mack Kerridge (front row, 3rd from left).

Photo by Sam Castillo

2-09 drill 2

The rear rank practices the position of Ready.

Photo by Sam Castillo

2008 Wolcott Mill - portraying the 4th Michigan at Shepherdstown Ford, WV

4th Michigan portrayed at Wolcott Mill

Our group and the rest of the Federals in line of battle.

Photo by Mike Gillett

Wolcott Mill Battalion on the march

The Union Army marches out led by general guide Edmund Lockhart, a member of the 5th. Will Eichler marches next to him as the commander.

Photo by Mike Gillett

5th MI company at Wolcott Mill 2008

Men of the 5th MI with pards from the Sally Port Mess and 24th MI drill at Wolcott Mill.

Photo by Mike Gillett

2008 Gettysburg - 145th events

Visiting the 5th MI monument

Great events are often surrounded by even better road trips. Here, members of the 5th MI have their photo taken with the monument to the men we honor on the Gettysburg battlefield.

Photo courtesy Edmund Lockhart

AHT march - the beginninng

There were 2 Gettysburg events in 2008. The first, At High Tide, began with a 5 mile march across the National Battlefield. This photo was taken as we prepared. Laying down is Zach Schatzer. The yellow shirt is Will Eichler and John Legg stands directly behind him.

Photo by Edmund Lockhart


Stillwater Guard - AHT

At the end of a great weekend, we had a company photo taken. These men, including five from the 5th MI, portrayed Company B, 1st Minnesota all weekend. It was an amazing event!

Photo courtesy Tom Steele

at the National Archives

In between the two events, five of us spent the week seeing sites on the East coast. Here Zach, John, Edmund and Chris stand in front of the National Archives.

Photo by Will Eichler

US Marine Musuem

Since Edmund leaves us for active service in the United States Marines in July, 2009, we stopped and visited the Marine Corp Museum. Left to right are Zach, Edmund, John, Chris and Will.

Photo courtesy Edmund Lockhart

GAC company

The 2nd event, sponsored by the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee, had more of our group join us. Here is the company we marched in. The battalion was led by our commander, Scott Cummings, on left. The company was led by Captain Bob Halbisen and we marched with his boys and our pards, the 21st Ohio.

Photo courtesy Edmund Lockhart

Scott on the car carrier

Sometimes its better not to ask questions and just sit in your computer chair and laugh!! No, we didn't shoot Scott at the event and bring him home like a deer.

Photo by Edmund Lockhart

Jeremy and Edmund

Good friends - a huge part of what it's all about! Here are Jeremy Buschlen and Edmund Lockhart.

Photo courtesy Edmund Lockhart

Wolcott Mill 2007 - portraying the 17th ME, Fall 1863

Scott and Mike Gillett

Close friendships develop in this hobby, and thankfully its not limited to just inside our group. Here, Chaplain Mike Gillett of the 21st Michigan, left, poses with Scott Cummings. Mike is a very close friend of many of us in the 5th. He serves the hobby both as an army chaplain and as a prolific photographer. Many of the photos you see from Michigan events were captured by him!

Photo courtesy Mike Gillett

Drill at Wolcott Mill

Acccording to Captain Cummings, there is always time for more drill! Here the men of the 5th, in company with our friends from teh 21st MI, drill at the Wolcott Mill event. We were portraying Company A, 17th Maine Infantry, another regiment that wore the Red Diamond on their caps.

Photo by Mike Gillett

taking a break

Any good infantryman will tell you if you have a break, sit down and rest! Bugler Mark Heath and private Edmund Lockhart sit back to back with Private Eric Berger resting immediately behind. We're sure the butt on the right of the image belong to us as well!

Photo by Mike Gillett

Civil War Days 2007 - Historic Fort Wayne - Detroit, MI
in the window Civil War Day 2007 march
Company Drill near the barracks Resting after a march