Meet Today's 5th Michigan


The Founders of the 5th Michigan Re-enacting Group

Scott Cummings

Scott Cummings serves both in the ranks of the 5th, as well as on regimental staffs.

Will Eichler

Will Eichler serves in the ranks of the 5th, as well as on regimental staffs.

Jim MartinJim Martin - WW2 gear

Jim Martin, one of the 5th's founders now lives the history of the 502nd PIR.

Kurt LoeweKurt Loewe - WW2 gear

Kurt Loewe is a founder of the 5th MI and now is active in living history in the 502nd PIR, as well as several other impressions (as of May 2014, he has 14 different impressions).

2017 Leadership

Will Eichler serves as our group Chairman in 2017. He is also the webmaster responsible for this mess.

Scott Cummings

Our Military Commander for 2017 is Scott Cummings.

Zach Schatzer is our newsletter editor for 2017.



5th Michigan Members

Robert May was a retired history teacher - was. He's now back once again helping students!

Jeremy Buschlen is a long time veteran and reguarly serves as a NCO.

Ernest Simmons

Ernest Simmons is a private in the ranks. He enjoys reading specifically about the troop movements in campaigns.

Edmund Lockhart

Edmund Lockhart has been as stalwart member of the 5th for several years.

Chris Buzzard

Chris Buzzard has been in the hobby since he was a little boy. He serves as a private and always has a good joke ready. Chris lives in North Carolina.

Justin McLaren was voted to full membership in December 2012. Photo coming soon!

Keith Harrison was bestowed an honorary membership by the men of the 5th Michigan in December 2012. Keith has been a mentor to many of us for many years in the hobby and continues to be a strong advocate for the hobby, MOLLUS and the SUVCW!

Jack Long

Jack Long is a long time member of the 5th, and the 3rd before. In his late re-enacting years, he portrays an assistant surgeon.

Chris Wooley hails from the Cleveland area and is active with us and in several other time periods.