Living History, or Re-enacting


Company Drill @ CWD07Living History. Re-enacting. It doesn't matter which name you give it - it's what we enjoy. This page is a place where you will learn more about how our group approaches the hobby.

If you are new to the hobby or are just surfing around the web looking for information - welcome. You've found the right place.

Feel free to look around here. Below you'll find copies of past newsletter. Also, there is a pdf of a form that parents or guardians can use to give permission for another to treat their minor. Since we allow men to join the 5th at 16 years old, we insist this any minor have this filled out, notorized and with them at every event unless a parent or legal guardian is attending as well. We do this to make sure that person is cared for.

Are you interested in re-enacting? Not sure what you need to get to get started? Not quite ready to chat with a member of the hobby yet? NO PROBLEM! Click on the "What Do I Need?" page at left and you'll find both our uniform guidelines AND a chart showing pictures and a brief description of each item. Though we strongly recommend you be part of a group before you acquire any equipment, this will get you started if you just can't wait. Plus, it will get you at the level of equipment we desire. Remember - not all equipment is made the same - no matter what the maker says. Please, take the advice of veterans when spending your hard earned money!

Our Current Newsletter:

2017 Newsletter coming soon

Membership paperwork:

5th MI membership application

Permission to Treat Minor Form

2017 Group Leadership:

Chairman: Will Eichler
Military Commander: Scott Cummings

Guidance Council Members: to be announced

Treasurer: Will Eichler

Zach Schatzer- newsletter
Will Eichler - website