Below are links to websites of events, vendors or other groups we work with. We hope they will help you as you learn more about our community!

About the 5th Michigan All Michigan Civil War has some great information on the men of the 5th, including an ever more complete roster of all those who served. From this site, you can also see the 5th's battle flags. Lois Keel has dedicated her blog to telling the story of the 5th Michigan through original newspaper articles. This is a neat site of primary documents about the 5th! Good job, Lois!
Michigan in the Civil War's 150th Anniversary This is the Michigan's own website to distribute information on our celebration of the 150th anniversary of the war. Home page of a list of re-enacting events going on across the state in support of the 150s. Hosted generously by our friends in the 7th Michigan.
Vendors This is the website for Wambaugh, White and Company. Dan and Brian are a leader in authentic uniforms for living historians. We are thrilled to have them linked to us as they are excellent businessmen and also fellow citizens of Michigan Missouri Boot and Shoe is an excellent source for brogans, leathers, haversacks and knapsacks! We have found their customer service to be top notch.
Organizations Historic Fort Wayne is located in Detroit, MI. Built in the late 1840s, this Fort first served as a training and muster point for Michigan soldiers during the Civil War, a role it served for the United States all the way till it was closed in 1973. The Coalition, which many of our members also belong to, is active in preserving the site and hosting excellent events to promote it.

Michigan's GAR Memorial Hall and Museum tells the story of the veterans after the war. The 5th is proud to be a sponsor of them and their events. The 5th Michigan is a proud member of the Cumberland Guard, a national level infantry organization. We portray a company in the 5th and through the Guard we join with other companies to form regiments and then brigades. The Sally Port Mess are some of our closest friends in the hobby. Most weekends you'll find our two organizations working together to make an excellent company. Be sure to check out their "Instruction" page for some great articles on how to portray a Union Infantryman.
Events The 5th Michigan helps host a drill every spring at Historic Fort Wayne, thus using the site for exactly what Civil War soldiers used it for. In 2009, the event will be April 17-19. Find more information on this website.