Helpful Articles


CWD 09

In the 5th, we work hard to always be improving our impressions. This can be done in a variety of ways. Some cost money. Some only cost time and attention. All are helpful as we look to better portray the men who served our Country during the Civil War.

As part of that continual improvement, members often contribute how-to articles to our newsletters. This page will help you if you are looking for more information. It will save you from having to sift through all our old newsletters. Look below for articles on improving a Union Infantry impression.

"Cooking Salt Pork" - If you campaign, salt pork is a reality in your diet. Know how to best prepare it by reading this excellent article written for the 145th re-enactment at Gettysburg by Charles Heath.

"A Day in the Life" - a look at a day in an Infantry Regiment

"Drill Tips" - random tips to improve your drill

"Marching Ration" - information on the ration issued in the field to Union Infantry

"Musket Care" - advice on how to care for the musket

"Shelter Tent" - overview of the Shelter Tents used by the Union

"Skirmish Drill" - A portion of the drill the 5th focuses on is Skirmish Drill. Here are some thoughts.

"The Glue" - What makes a group a group? Some thoughts.

"Waist Belt" - Worn by all infantrymen, some historical info on this piece of kit.