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5th MI at DrillWelcome to the homepage of the 5th Michigan, Company K. We are a Civil War living history and re-enacting group. While we are based in the Saginaw Bay area, we have members from across the state of Michigan in the Battle Creek, Jackson and Detroit Metro areas. If you are interested in Civil War History and want to know what it felt like to be an infantryman back then, we'd love to talk with you and help you learn by doing.

Our group was established by four veteran re-enactors in 2003. When we began, we spent a lot of time thinking about what we saw as positive in the hobby and how we could take those ideals an build an excellent group from them. When we formed, we started with a mission statement. That mission hasn't changed. Here is our mission:

5th MI monument at Gettysburg"Our mission is to portray Union Soldiers from the Civil War period 1861-1865.  In doing so, we strive to educate ourselves and the public in all aspects of the everyday life of common Union soldiers.  This includes, but is not limited to: how they talked, drilled, marched, fought, and ate; what uniforms, equipment and weapons they used; what their mind set was and how they coped physically, mentally and spiritually with that terrible war. We endeavor to take re-enacting to a new level by being leaders in authenticity of dress and action and to always teach others by example.  Our goal is to be the most respected and well-trained re-enacting group in the state of Michigan.  We believe in fostering long lasting friendships through teamwork and collective common effort.  We strive to make re-enacting as fun and non-political as possible.  We work for the preservation of Civil War battlefields and historical sites.  We will grow our ranks with quality friends and historians and, above all, honor the men who preserved the Union."

We are always looking to grow our membership, as well as the number of members in the hobby. We've established this website first and foremost to help anyone seeking information about the re-enacting hobby. You'll find out historical information about the 5th MI, the organization we take the name of in the History page. To find out more about this hobby and how to participate, look into the Living History page. Our schedule for the season and favorite links have their own pages, and the photo page will show our members portraying Civil War Infantrymen in the past.

If you are already a living historian, you'll also find a lot of useful information here.

Whatever you reason for visiting, please feel welcome. If you have any questions or comments or are looking for more information, please contact one of our members through the Contacts page.

See you in the field!

 Will Eichler, 2020 Chairman

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